The island of Lemnos

Lemnos according to legend was the island of Hephaistos and the main place of his worship. The beautiful beaches with crystal waters, the spreaders plains, the volcanic landscapes that emerge suddenly and the successive landscape changes, impress the visitor. Lemnos is known for its archaeological sites, many historical monuments, but also for its many beaches.

Poliochni, the oldest Neolithic settlement of the Aegean, the temples where  the sacred mysteries Kaveiria were celebrated, the city Hephaistia, the Byzantine fortifications, are the major attractions that can be admired on the island.

Myrina, the capital and port is in the same location as the ancient city, with the Byzantine castle that stands on top of a cliff. The cobbled streets, with old tiled houses, sweet spread around the harbor. Until 1955 Myrina was named Castle, a name which prevailed in the late Byzantine period and even atypical so called by the older residents of Lemnos.

Moudros, with the historic and sheltered bay, was the old capital city, hosted the fleet of the allies in the First World War.

Kondopouli, built on a plain with cereals, located near two scenic lakes that  are important habitats for the island.

Kornos, one of the most beautiful villages of Lemnos, known for their unique taste of sweets, combines natural beauty with its neoclassical mansions.

In Plaka, with the large port and trawlers, a visitor can find beautiful fish restaurants, fresh fish and good wine. Romaekos Yialos, Recha Nera, Avlona, Thanos, Agia Sotira, Kolokythi, Koskinas, Evgatis are some of the most beautiful beaches in this island. The island offers a quiet holiday, fishing and romantic walks in the castle of Myrina.

Lemnos is famous for its high quality dairy products, the wheat flour and the wine. If you visit the island do not forget to try or buy.

Lemnos is connected by air with Athens and Thessaloniki and by ship through the ports of Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Kavala and Alexandroupolis. The are daily itineraries by boat from the Dodecanese, the Sporades and the islands and the rest of the eastern Aegean for the island of Lemnos.


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